Monday, December 11, 2006

A New Way to Post Blog Entries

Today I am utilizing new technology to write this blog entry.  A post came to my attention this week through my RSS feeder on the subject of easing the burden of blogging.  Blogging is lots of fun, and when time allows can be a mental challenge. By that I mean it can be a challenge to put together an article of real interest.  Most of what  I post I confess is thrown together, grabbed from other sites, or very short.  Only a few articles have been challenging.  One of the reasons is that it takes time to undertake the interesting stuff, such as include pictures or links to other sites.  Well, This new website I discovered has changed that.

I am writing this piece on a site called WriteToMyBlog.  When I'm done, I will click a few buttons and this post will automatically appear on the Montgomery Advertiser blog.  It will also appear on my other blog, "Library Universe".  To create the link in this paragraph, all I had to do was click a button, cut and paste the target URL, click another button, and done!

WriteToMyBlog looks like a standard Microsoft Word application, with a few additional icons to enable doing those things that bloggers like to do, like post pictures easily and add links.  Word is familiar to most people, so using this new site is second nature. Oh, and I failed to mention, it is a web-based application.  This means that one can work on any computer through WriteToMyBlog. It does not require that you be on the computer that you usually use.  So go to the beach and write a blog!

It's pretty cool! 

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