Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas at the Whitehouse

Christmas is special at the Whitehouse. Today I want to take you on an internet tour of the festivities there. First we have the Christmas tour of the wonderful old home, brought to us through the colorful paintings of Pamela Carroll. Learn a little history as you tour the rooms and see what the first family has been up to this Christmas. (hint: their pretty good at decorating!) Next, I know you want to read the official Whitehouse Christmas skit. This year's main performer is Barney, the Bush family terrier. He shares the stage, however, with Ms Beazley and the family kitty, known to those who love her as Ms Kitty. After you have read the skit, just click on any picture of Barney you see, and take the picture tour of the First Pets as they prance around the Christmas tree and all about the Whitehouse. Gosh, the way they act, you'd think they owned the place!

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