Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As a librarian, I am constantly striving to find that ultimate single ready reference web site. Among some of the sites that I have discovered is the Librarian's Internet Index. Another good reference source is Bartleby's. However, I believe that I am safe in stating that the best overall reference site on the internet at this time is the Drudge version of refdesk.com. Here , in one location, you are no more than one click away from most any information you might need. refdesk.com not only aggregates many references sources--dictionaries, encyclopedias, news sources, and other ready reference sources--but it also is one click from most popular mailboxes. For instance, I hit a drop down box at the upper right corner of refdesk.com, locate Google or Yahoo, click, and am brought automatically to my two primary mailboxes. Check out refdesk.com for yourself.

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