Monday, January 29, 2007

Google Search Using Government Documents

If you are looking for government information, or just looking for any information, but want to be certain that the information is dependable, instead of just entering a query into Google, enter the query into Google/ig/usgov . What looks like your standard Google search bar is, on closer observation, limiting the search to government information. Only government websites will be returned for your search! Try it—enter “wild flowers” and determine for yourself if this information is superior to a standard Google search.

Although the US Government is the world’s largest publisher of information, you will not be able to locate all the answers on a government web site. But you should try a government source if there is any chance that your answers could be there. Limiting the scope of the Google search by eliminating much of the commercial garbage is refreshing.

Google has finally "made it" officially. The term "google" has been incorporated into two of our major dictionaries. I cannot wait to see the term in a real, printed edition of the dictionary. I always wanted to know what "google" actually meant.

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